Sunday, October 7, 2007

To Save, or Not To Save...??!

Well as I mentioned in my last post about joining a group of other "thrifty mama's" in search of savings called Coupon Mama's, I've made little progress so far in actually saving. BUT...I also haven't been grocery shopping yet this week. I DID hit Safeway today in a SUPER SHORT spree with my mom to pick up some dinner for us and the guys. While there, I decided to grab some Rockstars and Hostess Donettes for Doyle and Cocoa Pebbles for my own breakfast. The Cocoa Pebbles were on sale for $3 (regular $3.89). Donettes were 10 for $10 (saved .87), Rockstars (saved $1.42 on 5 cans) and in the checkout line I spotted select candy bars on sale, buy 3, get 3 free...also another goodie for Doyle's lunch (saved $2.25)!! I also spotted and grabbed a 24-pack of canned of Friskies canned cat food (in the winter time I splurge and give the kitties this small treat once a day) for just $8.99 (regular $10.69, I saved $1.70). TOTAL SAVINGS: $6.24. I didn't spend enough to earn my gas discount though. =(

Another savings this weekend is an old habit I've placed on hold the past few years...EBAY. Now seriously, I was an addict. I would buy EVERYTHING on there...and also spend time at work shopping, until MySpace replaced that habit! Now THAT saved me some serious moola! LOL But seriously, you REALLY can save on there! Last week, I ran out of my Proactiv Renewing Cleanser. I pay $20 from the vending machine in the mall for it, after canceling my membership because I was getting bulk in the items that I DIDN'T need (and paying for it)---Repairing Lotion lasts FOREVER, as most of you Proactiv users know!! ;) Anyway, so the mall's Proactiv vending machine was EMPTY when I hit it last. I even had my cousin stop by to check again a few days later, since he lives in the area...still, no refills. So desperate, I decided to hit Ebay. Side note: I DO sell The Body Shop, and while I absolutely LOVE our Tea Tree Acne/Blemish prone skincare line, I bounce back and forth between that and the Proactiv. Okay, so back to my saving story---I found a full sized bottle,4oz, BRAND NEW, SEALED of Proactiv Renewing Cleanser on Ebay last Friday for $9.80. + S&H ($4.50). I bid, I won, I bought! So for $14.30 and a couple days of waiting, I saved $5.70!! WHOOP WHOOP!!

So ecstatic about my great bargain, on Saturday I hit Ebay again, to shop prices on my Ralph by Ralph Lauren perfume. The last bottle I had was a Christmas gift from the ex last year. I ran out a few months back, early on in my pregnancy. Now I'm not kidding, foods haven't really bothered me much during my pregnancy, but the smells of perfume has!!! Weird??! I think so! So while I have an almost full bottle of my Pink Sugar perfume, the smell makes me feel ill!! First off, I can't wear a lot of perfumes, I get headaches. So I usually just have my Pink Sugar (which now makes me want to retch!) and my Ralph, on hand. LOL, no pun intended, actually, the Ralph DOES NOT make me wanna ralph! =)

I've been desperate for my Ralph but reluctant to spend the $59.50 + tax (bringing it to just under $65), because we haven't really had the extra fundage and I've been a bit more cautious now that we're expecting. Last night I decided to hit good ol' Ebay. And I got my Ralph for $46, INCLUDING SHIPPING!! =) Saving just under $20!!!!!

My last bargain isn't so much of a savings but it DID save me money, so I've gotta share! My friends Mel and M both mentioned shampoo/conditioner savings in their blogs, so that reminded me that I DID save on my purchase of shampoo and conditioner last week. I usually buy Pureology and The Body Shop's Honey shampoo and conditioner. I bounce back and forth between these two brands every couple of weeks or so, as I feel like I need the "change". As I sell The Body Shop, I receive a 25% discount which means I pay somewhere around $11 for a bottle of shampoo or conditioner, whereas I have to purchase the Pureology at my local hair salon. Now, I'm one of the lucky souls because my bestest friends work at said hair salon and one even manages it. They've even dubbed me the honorary employee as I spend so much time there and with them all. Pureology retails for something around $25 per bottle. I scored the awesome deal of getting my shampoo AND conditioner for $27-something AFTER tax!! Talk about the hookup!!! I love my girls!!!! Just two weeks ago, I THOUGHT my Chi flat iron shorted out (my GFI outlet sparked, smoked, caught fire and turned black!)--when in all actuality, I'd instigated the short by a necklace hanging off of the medicine cabinet that arced when I unplugged my flat iron. Thankfully, my dad's an electrician, however, he was hunting when this particular accident happened. I was sure it was the flat iron going bad, so immediately tossed it in the trash and called my best friend Jen, to BEG and plead with her to hit the salon supply house to get me a new flat iron,which she did! LOVE YA JEN! She bought me the Infrashine for just $110, regularly a $200 iron!!! And as a super bonus (?), when dad came to check out my outlet a few days later, he also tested my Chi iron and declared it in perfect working order...guess now I have two flat irons, a backup in case of emergency, eh?!

So all in all (flat iron story aside), this weekend I saved about $50 on products that I LOVE and USE!!! Now to me, that is savings!

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Melonie said...

You can picture the look on my face now that I've read this, right????? LMAO.

Oh girl. OHHHHH girl. You crack me up. I I'm actually speechless.

*gales of laughter*