Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Think About It Tuesday

So in light of the burning wildfires in California, my local radio station 100.7 The Wolf was taking a poll for callers to call in saying what they would grab if they had only 15 minutes to evacuate their home; family members and pets excluded, and only what you can carry.

Well, being as I have 5 cats and 2 dogs, I think it would take up the whole fifteen minutes to round 'em up and load 'em up so there wouldn't be much time for anything else! ;) However, it really got me to thinking what would I grab??

Most of my pictures are up in boxes in the attic, so there wouldn't be time for that. As are all of my fave pre-pregnancy clothes (aka. Seven Jeans, etc)...

So this is what I came up with:

  • Laptop
  • Purse, keys, cellphones
  • File of important papers (birth certificates, divorce papers, savings bonds, etc)
  • Change of clothes/shoes
  • My "survival bag" (or adult diaper bag as D likes to refer to it as!) which includes my flat iron, makeup, some jewelry, and perfume in a cute Victoria's Secret tote. And yes, it really does go everywhere with me! LOL I would of course, toss my hair dryer in!

I think that's about all I would have time to realistically grab! But now it's gotten me to thinking that perhaps I should buy a fireproof lockbox for those important papers and maybe some duplicates of pictures that aren't downloaded onto my laptop or desktop computer at work.

1 comment:

Melonie said...

"Adult diaper bag"? bwaaaaaaaaahahahaha love it.

Which flat iron? heh heh.

Some time I will have to forward you the articles I wrote about "grab and go" bags. They might be of use.