Friday, October 5, 2007

Some Not-Quite-New-Year's-Resolutions...

I am currently at the end of my 2nd trimester of my very first pregnancy. 13.5 weeks to "go"! =) We've got the baby's room done, the house in order, and two baby showers scheduled. We both work full time outside of the home, and then some IN/AROUND the home in the evenings and on weekends. We lead very busy lives. Who doesn't, right?! LOL

So some things I've been thinking of lately to improve myself/life, etc are:

1. Eat Healthier. I am pregnant...NOT an excuse to eat for 10! LOL Thanks, Mel! ;) I am going to try to eat better, fruits, veggies, less portions, instead of just going HOG WILD and chalking it up to pregnancy. I'm sure it'll be worth it in the end, after Madison is born, and I want to fit into those size 27 $250 Seven jeans again!! =P

2. Exercise. Even a walk. I am going to start at least 3 times a day, talking my dog, Ellie May, around the neighborhood on a walk. She's a high-energy Border Collie trapped in a back yard, the exercise will do HER good as well! And perhaps on Sunday's, while D is watching football, I'll spend 15-20 minutes on the Elliptical trainier, which was relocated out to the garage.

3. BE ON TIME TO WORK (er, or TIMLIER!)...I am SICK of getting up late, hence getting to work late, which means STAYING late! Ugh. I don't like getting home at 6PM, rush to do dinner, dishes, and laundry before I can relax. If I can just manage to actually GET UP at 5AM when D gives me my wakeup call, rather than rolling over and drifting off back to sleep for another hour-hour and a half, I would be home by 4:45! Woohoo!!!!

4. Be thriftier, save money. With a baby on the way and unforseen (okay, well FORSEEN but NEW) expenses on the way such as formula and diapers, not to mention possible daycare and sick days for when I have to miss work (unpaid) to take care of Maddie. So there's two ways to make money: make more, or spend less. Hm. It seems that I have more control over the spending less option, however, if I'm on time to work (and more productive!) then perhaps that too would result in a raise! ;) So I've made a budget. Step one! Also, my friend Mel started a coupon exchange group with some friends, so not only have I met some great new ladies, but will also be saving here and there on products that I will actually USE! =)

So while it's not quite New Years, these are my almost-New-Year's resolutions. I'll keep ya posted on my progress, ya'll!!


Melonie said...

I highly recommend that you hit the library and check out a copy of ANYthing by Dave Ramsey - but especially his newest book. READ it, incorporate it. It's worth your while. Promise. ;-)

Shelby said...

It's awesome to walk at this point in your pregnancy. It will relieve stress, strengthen your hips and help the baby get into place. That being said...DO NOT USE Your elyptical machine. You can control your movements walking, but it is about this time that your ligaments are really starting to get Can hurt yourself on a machine that controls you!!!