Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trivia Tuesday - Randomly Funn Questions

Do you have Justin Timberlake on your ipod?

Where were you July 4th, 2007?
at my house, doing a BBQ with my family

Do you like Oatmeal?

What was the last movie you watched, and who did you watch it with?
we watched part of Mr. Deeds on TV last night before we went to bed

Who was the first person you wanted to be like?
oh gosh, I don't remember!!

What are the colors of your bedroom?
gray and white

What is the first thing you do when you wake up?
turn off alarm and go back to sleep! =)

Where were you when the 9/11 attacks happened?
on my way to work

Where do you wish you lived?
i like where i live

Where is the last place you ate out at?
Aversano's with Mike and Steph

Do you have a TV in your room? What size is it?
yes, not sure, it's Doyles

Where was your default picture taken?
at Sea World in San Diego but I am gonna post a new one today!

Are you good at saving money?
yes, when I do save!

When is the last time you went over your cell phone bill?
December was really bad!

Do you like Ramen noodles?

Do you rememeber Furbies?
er sorta

Do YOU smoke?
Not anymore...

Where is your favorite football team from?

Who were you with Saturday night?
Doyle, my mom, my dad, and Doyle's mom

Did you go to church Sunday morning?

Are you taller or shorter than the rest of your family?
in the middle

How long does it take you to get ready?
2 hours

Does laundry really need to be separated?

Do you own a webcam?

When is the last time you played basketball?
I don't even remember

Do you like orange juice?
lately, yes

Have you ever been arrested?
NO way!

Have you ever gotten locked in a trunk of a car?

What sport would you improve at, if you could?
umm...not sure!

Do you wear chains?

Can you sleep in jeans?
not very comfortably

When you get out of the shower..do you put your clothes on in the bedroom or bathroom?
usually walking between my walk in closet, bedroom, and bathroom

Have you ever eaten duck?

Do you watch Big Brother?
never have

10 states you've been to: (If you can, name ten! If not, just list what you can...)

1. Washington
2. Oregon
3. California
4. Idaho
5. Nevada
6. Wyoming
7. Montana
8. South Dakota

9 lasts:
Last dollar spent:: groceries on Saturday
Last beverage: water with lemon
Last phone call: telemarketer
Last bubble bath: years ago
Last time you cried: umm, Saturday

Last text msg received: from Doyle

Last text msg sent: to Doyle

Last birthday: 28

8 "Have-you-ever's?"

Have you ever dated a best friend?

Have you ever stayed up and partied 'til the sun rose?

Have you ever kissed someone & regretted it?:

Have you ever lost someone you loved? like as in died?

Have you ever been dumped?

Have you ever dumped a bf/gf?

Have you ever ran away?

7 favorite restaurants in no order:
1. The Keg
2. Pizza Hut
3. Olive Garden
4. Famous Daves BBQ
5. The Rock
6. Mama Stortini's
7. Buttered Biscuit

6 things you've done today:
1. woke up
2. took a shower
3. flat ironed my hair
4. ate breakfast
5. fed cats & dog
6. drove to work

5 of your favorite things in no order:
1. family
2. friends
3. cats, dogs, horses
4. shopping
5. sun

3 places you want to visit:
1. Scotland
2. England
3. Mexico

2 things you want more than anything:
1. healthy baby
2. to be happy and debt free!

1 date you will never forget
the date my baby is born!

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