Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #4

In honor of Thursday Thirteen, this week I will be posting my THIRTEEN FAVORITE BODY SHOP PRODUCTS! And speaking of, our July special is Buy One Get One Half OFF on all Bath & Body and Wellbeing, including our new Whip, Milk, and Puree body lotions! So skip on over and check it out!!

1. Super Volume Mascara - Black
2. Coconut Body Butter
3. Honey Shampoo & Conditioner
4. Bronzing Brilliance Powder
5. Tea Tree Oil Foaming Facial Cleanser
6. Hemp Lip Care Stick
7. Sheer Lip Color 02 - Sheer Guava
8. Eye Shimmer 08 - Emerald
9. Shimmer Cube 06 - Warm
10. Invent Your Scent Collection Kit
11. Fake It - Self Tan Body Lotion
12. Vitamin E Body Butter
13. Almond Oil Moisturizing Handwash


Jeremy said...

No interest in the body shop... i am sure under this shirt I have somebody...OK really sad,but an electrical contractor? Much be an illuminating job that gives you a charge....

Believe it or not I have used that exact line with business classes I teach that had some electricians in the room. Learned it from a owner of a company I managed back in the 80s that did 16M in electric and HVAC, just couldn't resist draging it out of the closet.

nice blog

Melonie said...

Great list! When the honey and olive shampoos came out I received a sample of each from a gal at our local TBS store. I loooove the smell of the honey one but it was a bit more conditioning than I needed. The olive one is where it's at for me.
I've also used the almond oil handwash - have the hand lotion in the powder room, actually. Another great line!

I'd love to try the Fake It self-tanner. We'll see...maybe I can splurge soon. Let's hope it hides any stretch marks, rather than making them more apparent. LOL