Monday, July 9, 2007

Happy Monday Morning!

Hey Everyone! How was your weekend??! Mine was...productive! And certainly not relaxing! In fact, I was glad to come back to work to "rest"! =) Today is supposed to be 85 degrees and near 100 by Wednesday!! =) Now that's summer! But certainly not by Washington standards!! I'm not complaining, I'll take it! Heh heh, so says she who has central air conditioning in her house, at work, and in the truck! =P

Anyways---I spent the whole weekend, from Friday night 'til Sunday night, cleaning and organizing the house. My man, who I jokingly refer to as the Cleaning Nazi now, really cracked the whip and we were able to spruce the place up quite a bit! Lots of donating to Salvation Army, downsizing, and making room for "baby", which is only a frightening 6 months off!! My office is actually an office again (slash guest room), rather than cluttered storage room, and the "nursery" is just about empty of well, misc junk! You can actually walk in my walk-in closet and see the tops of my dressers!! I packed away all of my pre-pregnancy clothes that I wanted to keep for after the baby is born, essentials like my Seven jeans, Silvers, cute tops, and work clothes that just don't fit comfortably anymore. The rest I donated and gave to friends.

The back patio is once again a patio--the dog kennel got moved to the garage (which we cleaned out as well!)--and the cats will be joining Ellie May in the garage before long as well as adventuring outside in the yard! I will soon have my house back to ship shape!! I didn't realize how much there was to do!! Guess that's what three years of being married to a closet drug-addict will do to a person!

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Melonie said...

Me likey the Cleaning Nazi! GO DOYLE! hahahaha No, seriously, I'm proud of you, girl! GREAT job. :-) See ya Sunday.