Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Long time, no see! Update and Exciting News!!

Wow, well it's been a few weeks since I've posted anything...but I have good reason for being absent, I swear! As many of you know, I found out on May 4th that I am expecting! Yeah, as in having a baby!! Wow, huh?! I think by now most of you, as well as myself, have overcome THAT unexpected shock! Especially considering how I'd never really planned on having kids. Anyways, back to the basics...um, well, we all know HOW it happened (heh heh *wink, wink*), but apparently I conceived somewhere around the middle of April, which gives us a due date of January 07, 2008. Three weeks after my 29th birthday. A day before my brother's birthday. A week before my best friend's birthday. And two weeks before my dad's birthday! Talk about winter babies running in my family, eh?! =)

So I had my first doctor appointment on May 8th with my new OB for the routine paperwork, initial visit, blood work (bleh, have I told you how much I HATE needles?!!), and first ultra-sound! Yep! I got to actually SEE my baby on my first office visit! How cool! And oh my gosh, if THAT didn't make it totally hit home!!

You've probably noticed the little pregnancy tracker ticker down at the bottom of my Blog so ya'll can share this amazing experience with me, step by step. And I'll be sure to keep ya posted!!

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Melonie said...

Congratulations yet again! I think you're gonna have a lot of fun with this...minus the needles.

So far I've decided needles and morning sickness are the worst part of pregnancy. Everything else pales in comparison on both mine. LOL *knock on wood*