Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Product Review: New Venus Breeze Razor by Gillette

Okay, so have any of you tried the new Venus Breeze Razor by Gillette? It's the one they've been advertising on TV all day long, you know, with the "built in shaving gel bars." So I was shopping at the local Super Walm*Mart last night and found myself down the shaving cream/razor aisle staring right at the new Venus Breeze...it was $8.97 for the razor, two refill blades, and a case holder thingy...so I decided WHY not?!

Now, first off, this is HUGE for me...I haven't actually used a woman's razor in, well, years. I swear by the Men's Mach 3 by Gillette for a better, closer, nick-free shave. And I am pretty picky when it comes to that!

So this morning I rip open my new Venus Breeze (much like a kid opening presents at Christmas!) all excited to try my new purchase...it even looked really cool with said "shaving gel bars" in purple on top and bottom of the three-blade razor part. I tried it in the shower. Waaalaaaaa...WOW!! It really WAS cool!!! =) No shaving gel needed. Bye bye, Skintimate, hellllooooo Venus Breeze!

And it's perfect for traveling too, you don't need to pack the huge cannister of shaving gel or scramble all over the place looking for the "travel sized" ones...thanks, Gillette!!

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Melonie said...

I'll keep an eye out for coupons on the blade refills for ya.

I like the Schick Intuition, especially with the cucumber melon refill. Not so great around the bikini line though...a bit too bulky. But I make it work. Besides...with my belly out to *HERE* right now, I can't tell if I did a good job or not...and thankfully my hubby is kind enough not to tell me if I didn't. He doesn't like the tears apparently.