Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Quick and Simple Meal Idea

Monday night we made the infamous Wal*Mart trip to our new local Super Wal*Mart. Yippee...now rather than cruising aisles for an hour stocking up on household necessities and "must haves" and weeding out the "want to haves", you can spend TWO HOURS doing the same thing, now that the grocery department is open. Oh joy. LOL No, but really. The bargains are great, as always with Wal*Mart. They carry a HUGE selection. However, by the time we'd strolled from the back of the grocery department (where, idiotically enough) the frozen foods are located (ie, ice cream) through the meats and produce section, our guilty pleasure (said ice cream) was more like melted mush cream....ugh.

So, arriving home two hours later, stocked up on all kinds of goodies from a rice cooker to cat litter we decided that we were way too tired to attempt to cook dinner. Even after planning out 4-5 meals and purchasing the goods for them.

Finally, about 8:30pm (2030, Mel time!) we sucked it up and decided to cook. We were tired, cranky, and HUNGRY! We settled on Biscuits and Gravy---something that I'd been craving for a couple of days now. Funny, considering that the first time I'd ever even HAD biscuits and gravy was some two months ago.

15 minutes later, we were eating!! I am not kidding you, this was one of the easiest, most filling, delicious, and easy to clean up meals I'd made in a while...

So if you get home from work (or Wal*Mart) late, in a hurry to get the kids off to baseball or soccer practice, or just want something satisfying yet simple, here ya go!

Quick and Simple Biscuits and Gravy

1 roll refrigerated Pillsbury Country Style biscuits - (makes 8 biscuits)
1 - package Country Style Gravy mix
1 - package Jimmy Dean sausage

Doyle browned the sausage while I baked the biscuits (14-17 minutes, but they were done at 15) and made the gravy, which took about 5 minutes, max. We garnished it with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter Light, salt and pepper (hot sauce for Doyle), and served it with corn. =) YUMMY!!!

Oh and the cost of the whole meal? $6.98. And we had two leftover biscuits. Beat that, Denny's!!!

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