Thursday, April 19, 2007

Howdy Ya'll!

Welcome to my new home in Blog-land! I'm rather new to this, so please bear with me as I ramble and babble, type and tweak until I get the hang of this! I decided to start this blog with the help of a good friend, who also happens to be a Blog Whore--with the purpose of having a place to write thoughts and ideas and just to post random stuff...much like conversations that you might expect to have in the local coffee shop, sipping mochas, with your best girlfriends.

So if you're up for it, grab a cup-o-Joe, get comfy, and come join the madness as I explore all kinds of new possibilities in the Blog World!


Melonie said...

Who you callin' a blog whore, you picture whore? ;-) Welcome to the blogosphere. Prepare for yet another addiction.

Danae said...

LOL! Damn right, sistah! =)

Yeah...apparently I've got oh, about another 11 more to go to catch up to you, eh??!

Melonie said...

Actually I'm gonna cut one out, I think. Ooooooo, that only leaves like, oh, FIVE. hahahaha

Oh, and Ma tried to comment here the other day and it wouldn't let her. Might wanna check into that. Cuz you KNOW she'll leave you insane comments. muahahahahahaha