Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Madison is FINALLY here!!!!

Hi everyone!!! As you will see here in a moment, this is another long past due post!! I apologize for that, however and still adjusting to working from home and being a new mommy!!

On January 10, 2008 at 3:16PM we welcomed Madison Reese into this world! Maddie was born via emergency C-section and weighed 7.0lbs and was 19 3/4" long. She is BEAUTIFUL!

I went into labor early Thursday morning (Jan 10), at 1:48AM. By 3:30 the contractions were steady enough and 10-minutes apart, to call the hospital. They instructed us to come in when the contractions became 5-minutes apart, for one hour. We left home a little after 5AM and arrived at the Hospital around 5:30-5:45 (after checking in at Registration) and were put into the "large" birthing room. My mom and dad showed up almost immediately, followed by Doyle's mom and my "other mom" Sharon, and my brother Mike and sister in law, Steph. The nurses checked me and hooked me up to an IV. I was dilated to a 5. Around 7:30, the anesthesiologist arrived and gave me my Epidural. I felt nothing! Then we all just sat in the room and waited. And waited! We were making bets on what time Little Miss Madison would choose to make her grand entrance into the world! Around 10, we were starting to get bored...and sleepy! And around noon, I was starting to feel the contractions!!! Not good. The Epidural was wearing off and the anesthesiologist was tied up downstairs in the OR with an emergency. We waited about an hour before she finally arrived and was able to "refill" my Epidural. I was dilated to an 8 at that point, and let me tell you, those contractions for that hour were the absolute WORST! Ugh. Dr. Dickson had to break my water, because it hadn't broke yet and I was dilated so far, and once she did that, with every contraction, Madison's heart rate began to drop---at one point it was down to 85 (normal is anywhere between 120-160). Dr. Dickson told us that if we wanted to have a healthy baby, a C-section was the best option at that point. Otherwise, we might run the risk of brain damage. We, of course, opted for the C-section with no hesitation. Within minutes, they were prepping me for surgery and I was being wheeled down to the OR. Doyle, my mom, and his mom, were going to be in the room with me and they were rushed off to "scrub up".

At 3:16PM, Madison was born! Doyle was able to video tape the birth on his digital camera and also cut the cord! He was really excited!! Madison is so beautiful and perfect and we are enjoying every minute of her!

We were discharged from the hospital on Sunday Jan 13th--her actual "due date" and have spent the time since recovering and getting to know our little girl. Both mom and baby are doing great!

New Family!

Her first official hospital pic, minutes after she was born!

So pretty!

In the hospital!

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Melonie said...

She is such a sweetie pie.

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