Thursday, December 27, 2007

Whew...badly needed post-holiday update!

Wow how time flies! Has it REALLY been a MONTH since I've been on here?? Sheesh! Sorry, ya'll...but well, you know how life goes. Baby on the way (due in 16 days!), setting up a home office to work from home, Thanksgiving, 29th-birthday, Christmas parties and Christmas itself to plan, this past month has gone by in a BLINK!

For the most part, since Thanksgiving, we have had something going on EVERY weekend and MANY week nights. Thanksgiving, a friend's baby shower, prenatal classes every Tuesday night for 5 weeks, MY baby shower, Hanukkah party to attend for some in-laws, my birthday, company Christmas party, Christmas shopping and decorating, Christmas Eve party at my house, Christmas Day (bouncing back and forth between my folks' place and his ma's house), and now, whew...finally time to catch my breath and get ready for the little one's arrival. Is it that time already??! I can't believe it! I am 37.4 weeks pregnant. There is only 16 days left 'til my due date of Jan 13. I can't believe it! The room is ready, my diaper bag is packed, the kitchen has been rearranged to accommodate a set of cupboards and drawer for all of the baby stuff like formula, bottles, bibs, pacifiers, etc. and pretty much all that's left is me packing MY hospital bag. What's the delay you ask? Bleh...the fact that I have NOTHING that fits that I can part with as a "spare" for the hospital bag! Honestly. I have gained a whoppin' 30lbs. And I am ALL baby. All out front. Nothing but sweatpants are comfortable these days...and let me tell you, Victoria's Secret or not, I am SICK TO DEATH OF SWEATPANTS!!! I can't wait to wear just jeans and a darn hoodie again!!!!! Wwaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Okay, that's me crying...pity party is over, there isn't much time left now, I know, and I can make it through!

Especially considering that I started working from home earlier this month. What a HUGE relief! It's SO nice to be able to sleep in, especially when I'm not sleeping more than 2-4 hours a night. It's also nice on said sleepless nights, to be able to get up and work! I am getting more accomplished here at home IN THE HOME, and working for home, in much less time! Granted, some day's I don't get my shower 'til 3PM, but well, small sacrifice, I suppose!

What else....hmmm...birthday was good, rather uneventful, just went to dinner at my favorite restaurant, THE KEG, with my family--and got some gift cards for post-baby delivery shopping!! WOOHOO!!! Nothing beats that! Christmas was much of the same, again, more gift cards and some cash! And a gorgeous pair of princess cut diamond earrings from the boyfriend! Awwww...I know... =) He's a keeper!

Today I had a routine OB appointment, all was well---and right on track with weight gain, blood pressure, and baby's positioning. I have not dilated yet, but soon. Today was a bonus because my doc also did an ultra sound so I got to see my little girl for the first time since the 20-week ultra sound on August 31 to determine the sex!!! As you can imagine, I was pretty ecstatic! I just can't wait to meet our little one!!

So what's new with everyone? How did you survive the holidays and plan to ring in the New Year? Fill me in!!

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Gramma said...

Gee, just wait till Miss M. makes her appearance! You may not get a shower at all some days! Daddy will be real busy keeping up with Miss M. just so you can go to the bathroom!
Glad you are getting settled in working from home. That sounds grand!