Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Baby UPDATE! Madison Reese

So we had the most AMAZING weekend EVER!!! We took Friday off, for our ultra sound appointment--along with our mother's--at arrived at the Enumclaw Hospital bright and early at 8:30; no coffee for me, but a very uncomfortable over-full bladder (had to drink 28oz water 1-1/2 hour before, and no potty after 7:30! EEK!)...we found out the much anticipated news...that we're having a little girl!!! As most of you know, we'd chosen Maddie's name (Madison Reese) LOOOONG ago, soon after finding out we were expecting. SO YAY!!!!! We're both beyond excited!!! Me because I am getting my little girl, and Doyle because he swears she'll love soccer! LOL =)

Anyways, after the ultra sound---2 bathroom breaks, 1000 phone calls, and a stop at Starbucks, Doyle, me, and our mom's headed out to South Center for a celebratory lunch and you guessed it, BABY GIRL SHOPPING!!! We hit Claim Jumper for lunch (YUM!) and arrived at Babies R Us somewhat stuffed! But the store was amazingly huge and we had no problem walking off our lunch!

We started a registry www.BabiesRus.com. Needless to say, it was a very overwhelming experience. And we're nowhere near being done to registering---but we had to stop because we'd spent HOURS in there ooohing and ahhhing over all the cute little girl stuff, furniture, nursery decor, and cool baby gadgets (most of which we had no idea WHAT it was for!)...so I need to pow-wow with a few of my "mommy" girlfriends (HELP MEL!) and decide what we really need and more importantly, what the heck it's all for! LOL =) Um, anyone see the title Babies for Dummies in MY near future??! =)

Anyways, so 3 hours later, we walked out of Babies R Us with a few goodies---we bought a couple of super cute PINK outfits, Doyle's mom bought a cute little green outfit (Doyle claims to already be "pinked out"...muahahahaha, he has NO IDEA!!) and a REALLY cute Graco Pack-n-Play, and my mom bought us the matching Graco Travel System in Cherry Blossom (brown and pink!), which is the car seat AND stroller. Pretty cool! And I still have no idea how to operate it! LOL

Friday night, my brother and his fiancee came over for dinner, movies, and game night and brought us the CUTEST balloons (one was even pink with a sports theme for Doyle!) and a PRINCESS picture frame!

Doyle and I started the nursery yesterday, we primered last night and bought the base coat paint. We're going to do Maddie's room in the Lady Bug theme from Babies R Us. I can't wait to see how it'll turn out!

We have two showers planned in November, one at my mom's which is family and friends of family and another one for friends which will be at my house put on by Misty and Brooke. I can't wait!!

I have a couple of ultra sound pics that I will be posting soon!!


Doyle, Kellie, and Madison

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