Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6 - Baby TO DO List

So I am just a week shy of being 5 months pregnant. I am halfway through my pregnancy! We've been making some improvements/rearrangements around the house and here's what we'd LIKE to accomplish BEFORE the baby is born!

1. Pergo house (except bedrooms)
2. Re-carpet baby's room
3. Baby showers (obviously!)
4. Re-paint nursery
5. Decorate nursery
6. Furnish nursery (see a pattern here?!)
7. Move litter box to garage---and gets cats to USE it out there (via cat door we recently installed!)
8. Re-do main bath decor (which will also allow Doyle to "move into" my bath...ha, we'll see...)
9. Register for baby stuff
10. Determine just exactly what "baby stuff" involves/requires
11. Decide on which brands of formula/diapers to use
12. Create/start baby book
13. Umm, learn how to change a diaper and HOLD a baby! LOL


Shelby said...

oh my goodness :) good luck!

Melonie said...

I have three cannisters of Kirkland brand formula (basically the same as Similac, but a few more things nutrient wise are like Enfamil). They didn't agree with Mr. Winky's tummy - he is apparently a Similac Advance or NUTHIN baby. I'll send 'em to ya in yer box if'n you like. See how baby does w/ them when the time comes. If s/he doesn't like, just donate the unopened ones to a food bank.